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At Ignite Performance, we are true professionals and we’re passionate about what we do. Our experience, education, endeavour for excellence and reputation for getting our clients results is what makes us Lanarkshire’s go-to Health & Fitness company.

Based in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire our private training facility has been specifically designed for our diverse range of clients.  Our services; Personal Training, Partner Training, Corporate Health Education and our fantastic group fitness package – The Ignite Fat Loss Academy are all coach led, and are dedicated to educating our clients to reach their true potential.

If you would like to know more, we would love to hear from you. Call, email or interact with us on social media to invest in one of our services, or enquire about our free, no-obligation consultation.

Our Mission

“We believe not only in helping our clients achieve fantastic results, we also believe in providing them with a framework which allows those results to be highly sustainable.  We do not deal with quick fix solutions. We believe in hard work, effort and commitment – and we promise to motivate and inspire you every step of the way. We aim to educate our clients continuously from everything to training, technique, nutrition and lifestyle – and commit to working hand in hand with you to overcome any barriers that present themselves.

We are truly dedicated to our profession and always strive to continually develop our own knowledge base to enhance the services we offer. Our pledge to you is that we will never be beaten on service, value or commitment.

Your results are our results – and that’s the only results that matter.”

- Chris Stewart & Graeme Downie
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Success Stories

“I started training with Chris as I had the ultimate goal of getting myself into the best shape possible for a holiday. Chris started me straightaway on a bespoke nutrition and training programme that I found easy to adapt to. Through his motivation and training techniques I dropped over 15% Body fat and have never felt fitter and healthier, all only in weeks too! Thanks Chris- enjoyed every minute of it!”

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Colin Wardrobe

In July I decided that I wanted to decrease my bodyfat, tone up and become more defined for my holidays.  After attempting different things on my own and getting nowhere, a friend recommended that I go to Chris at Ignite Performance. When I first went to Chris I was 10st 13lbs. over a period of 7 months I reached my targets.  I had dropped my weight to 9st 8lbs and lost 14cm from my waist alone, I also had that....

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Kirstine Hawksby

“When I started with Chris I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been and self -esteem was pretty low. I thought nothing of beers and takeout’s at the weekends whilst exercise was alien to me. Thanks to Chris I have now lost 70 lbs, 23% body fat and 8 inches off my waist alone! I have a complete new lease of life. I eat properly, train every week and feel confident again within myself. Chris’s programmes changed my....

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John Johnston

“In 2013 I came home from holiday, looked at the photos and hated what I saw. I decided to speak to a personal trainer and found Graeme after doing some research online. During my consultation with Graeme, we discussed fitness, nutrition, motivation and goals. It became clear that I was completely lost and ignorant about it all as I’d been so unsuccessful in all of these aspects, all my life. Exercise was a bad work and I ate so badly....

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Tracey Angus
Tracey Angus

The first step is always the most daunting step. From a very young age I noticed that I was eating the same as the other 8 year olds – the usual tower worth of chocolate bars and crisps pyramid, however my dimensions seemed to be constantly expanding, which was obviously inevitable but what bothered me the most was that the other children didn’t seem to change. I was always active and loved sport but my fitness constantly held me back.....

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Anouchka Valaydon

“I knew Chris had a lot of knowledge and his results speak for themselves so I decided to invest in him. The results were incredible, in a very short time I was in the best shape of my life. He taught me how to adapt and control my nutrition and how to divide my training dependant on what my goal is at the time. We worked on a bit more aggressive plan but all the time aiming towards sustaining the....

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Ross Cupples
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